Super Sonic Dog Training Seattle – Success Stories!

He is super friendly and definitely a dog whisper but he gave me some great tools and I will keep working with my dogs. I was amazed at how they responded. I will definitely recommend him. They picked up on how to leash walk fast I was amazed.

Cara T.

Cameron’s experience and expertise with dogs is unbelievable. He has been working with my dog for 2 1/2 years since the age of 6months old. Cameron provides nothing but the utmost professionalism, Education & patience with owners and dog. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed with Cameron’s quality of training.

Ellen K.

Cameron is extremely knowledgeable and his methods work quickly. i was amazed at how calm and focused my dog became during the first session! My dog and i learned more in an hour with Cameron than after 5 weeks of training elsewhere. I recommend trying Super Sonic dog training when other trainers have failed!

Denise M.

I was having a few difficulties with some training with my 4 y.o Doberman and 2 y.o Pit/Pointer. Luckily, I met Cameron at a Veterinary conference and he came out to my house and helped with BOTH dogs. Within an hour my dogs were already doing so much better. He was very professional and informative and very good with the dogs. Can’t wait to put these lessons to work. Couldn’t thank him enough. Will be recommending him to so many people.

Riley S.

Let me tell you about Foreman; our 2nd pup. Purebred English Mastiff, 145lbs. Foreman was our problem “child”, and as my husband still reminds me often that he’s “my dog”, I now say he’s “Crue’s(our son) dog” My husband and I spent a lot of time, energy, and money on this guy. We were not his first home. We got him when he was 4 months. His previous owners kept him locked up in a kennel because the father thought it was a good idea to buy a “giant breed” dog for a family who were scared of dogs. So that’s where Foreman spent his first 4 months of life. Locked up, scared, confused. When we got him we knew there were going to be issues. But I’m not sure we knew how severe. Crazy anxiety, weird triggers, it was insane. Then we got pregnant and my anxiety flourished because I was so scared to have a dog around a baby who was so unpredictable! Can you believe that that very dog is the one pictured here?!?! There’s only about 120 pounds difference between him and Crue . He is definitely the “nanny” dog to Crue! He’s always curious about what he’s doing and loves to cuddle with him and be pet by him! I have to say thank you Supersonic dog training. What a difference it has made for all of us in this household! It makes my heart so happy that these 2 will grow up together and share so many memories together! Just had to share our Formi boys story, proof that love can fix the most broken of hearts!

Megan C.

I could not recommend Cameron and Super Sonic enough! I recently brought home a 2 year old Pit mix that has never met a cat before and was nervous about intRoducing her to my 2 cats. Within about 10 minutes of coming over, Cameron had her in a sit stay in her bed while my incredibly invasive cats wandered around her. He got her walking on leash like a champ and the best part is that she continues to listen to me even without Cameron here. No treats were used and my pup was exhausted after the training session and slept like an Angel the rest of the night. Highly recommend!

Rachel T.