Super Sonic’s Expert Puppy Training Seattle WA

Start off on the Right Paw with Super Sonic Dog Training!

When is the best time to begin training your dog? The answer is always: today! If you have a puppy, you’re well ahead of the pack if you begin training right away. Super Sonic Dog Training will help you lay the foundation for years of good behavior by teaching your puppy what is expected of them and how they fit into your pack at home. We help you to establish clear boundaries with your puppy and teach you how to maintain a relationship of mutual respect and understanding.

Puppy Training in Your Home

Our training occurs in the home. This is the place your puppy needs to learn about first and foremost. At our first home visit we’ll be able to get a clear picture of your puppy’s situation and create a customized training program with you that fits your needs. Through the course of your in-home training we’ll venture out to other environments such parks and other public places to put what your puppy has learned to the test.

Rewards-based Training

A training program that punishes bad behavior leads to a dog that can be more anxious than when the training began. We offer Seattle an alternative, a rewards-based approach that sets your puppy up to succeed. We teach your puppy that good behavior will lead to reward, and we focus on setting them up to make the right choices. Once your puppy is wired to seek rewards through good behavior, they’ll be ready to make the right choices in a variety of situations—even ones they aren’t specifically prepared for.

Our Commitment to You

We work with you until you have mastered all of the skills we teach. We don’t meet with you a set number of times. Our training is complete when you can confidently be the trainer yourself and we’ll support you through the entire process.

The Time to Start Is Now

Set your puppy up for success by beginning training as soon as possible. You’ll avoid having to undo bad behaviors in the future, and you’ll be able to more fully enjoy the companionship that a good dog can offer. Super Sonic Dog Training is offering training to the entire Seattle area and we don’t just train puppies. All ages and breeds are welcome and no behavioral issue is too tough for us to crack. Give us a call at 206.451.5829 or email us using our contact form.


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