Meet Professional Seattle Dog Trainer 

Cameron Mansoori – Owner/Head Trainer

Cameron has been around dogs before he could even walk. He grew handling and training multiple German Shepherds where he learned the basics of such a strong and intelligent breed. “My dogs were my entire life. I didn’t spend much time in front of a television as a kid, the majority of my time was spent learning with my dogs and exploring from sunrise to sunset.”

Fast forward years later Cameron knew he wanted to pursue a career with helping dogs. He spent time working directly with dogs in the veterinary industry, in shelter work and in classroom settings. He has a bachelors degree in Psychology from North Carolina State University. This taught him to understand the human that he is training at the opposite end of the leash. Cameron attended Canine Trade Group’s School for Professional Dog Trainers in Dover Delaware.  

Cameron has been training professionally with dogs and their owners for 9 years in private home settings and private facilities. He specializes in behavior modification and rehabilitation of dogs with human and dog aggression, leash reactivity, fear and anxiety. 

Cameron’s partners in crime include his Labrador Retriever, Ramsey and his Belgian Malinois, Roma.

“I started Supersonic Dog Training fueled by my mission to save the life of every dog possible. Too many dogs die in shelters or are surrendered everyday due to behavior issues or ineffective training strategies. I have a passion for helping dogs and their people and will work to ensure that every dog stays in their forever home never becoming a statistic.”

Seattle dog trainer
Seattle dog trainer