Meet Professional Seattle Dog Trainer 

Cameron Mansoori – Owner/Head Trainer

Cameron Mansoori has been training and handling dogs since the early age of 7, he has always been passionate for all animals and seeing them succeed. Cameron received his B.A in Psychology from North Carolina State University, this helps him understand not only the mind of the dog but more importantly the mind of the owner!

Cameron spent time as a veterinary assistant and this knowledge of behavioral and medical information has proven to be an asset to every client’s training experience.

As a trainer (with Sally Said So Professional Dog Training) Cameron has worked with dogs across all spectrums from puppies, fear based anxiety, aggression/reactivity, service dogs , therapy dogs to agility athletes.  

Cameron’s partner in crime and best friend is his 6-year-old black Labrador retriever and service dog named Ramsey.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to create new bonds and experiences for pet owners in the Seattle region. 

“Dog training is something I never thought I would pursue a career in. I undoubtedly have a gift for understanding dog behavior.

  I have a passion and a drive for animal behavior like no other, there is no feeling more rewarding for me than seeing the wonderful connection and bond that can come from a positive relationship with owning dogs”

Seattle dog trainer
Seattle dog trainer