Super Sonic’s Seattle Dog Training Programs

Training Dogs AND Their People!

In-home Training – Seattle Dog Training for All Dogs, Puppies, and Expecting Parents

Super Sonic Dog Training specializes in training in the home. This is the most important environment to teach and expect good behavior, and solid training in the home establishes the foundation of respect and boundaries that a dog will need to be successful in every other setting they enter.

We train all ages and breeds, and dog’s with needs ranging from basic obedience to rehabilitation through severe aggression and anxiety issues. We love training puppies. In fact this time of puppyhood is the best time to train a dog: before their behavioral issues develop! We also have a special program called Cribs & Canines that is designed specifically for dog owners who are expecting a baby and want to ensure that their dog will be a safe companion to their new addition.

Group Classes – Lessons in Manners and Basic Commands

Our Practical Pet Protocol was developed to teach clients basic dog training principles in a group setting. This program is intended to help dogs learn better leash manners and basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and lie down. Once a principle is taught to the dog and owner, we simulate common distractions to really put the lesson to the test. Each class member is given a manual to take home and access to an exclusive mobile application, both of which will allow participants to practice training at home. Each class is taught by a graduate of the Canine Trade Group dog training school. These classes aren’t for every dog. Dogs with more complicated behavioral problems would benefit more from the customized, one-on-one training of Super Sonic Dog Training’s in-home program.

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