Dog Training for New Parents in Seattle

Expecting a baby? Super Sonic Dog Training offers a program designed specifically for you. A lot of preparation goes into having a baby, and preparing your pooch should most definitely be on your to-do list. Our Cribs & Canines training program will help you and your dog transition into the new and exciting time that lies ahead.

 Making Dogs Baby-Ready

You shouldn’t have to worry about how your dog is going to interact with your child. Babies bring new challenges and routines for your dog to navigate. Everyone’s schedule can get a little off and a dog’s anxiety level can rise.

Our Cribs & Canines program will make the transition as smooth as possible, teaching you and your dog new strategies and ironing out behaviors that will no longer be acceptable when a little one is around.

In-home, Customized Dog Training

We begin training in the home, building a foundation of obedience, respect, and boundaries. When we meet with you in your home we’ll get a clear picture of your dog, their needs, and your expectations. We’ll create a custom-fit training program for you that includes getting rid of inappropriate jumping, nipping, or any kind of aggression—anything that could be a danger to your child. We create practice situations and simulate life with a baby so that your dog has plenty of practice before you finally bring home your bundle of joy.

Dog Training Throughout the Seattle Area – Let Us Help You Prepare

You’ve got enough work ahead of you already. Let us help your dog transition into this exciting time and prepare them for the new friend they’re about to make. Super Sonic Dog Training is offering our Cribs & Canines program to families throughout the Seattle area. No dog is beyond help; we train every age, breed, and temperament. Give is a call at 206.451.5829 or send us a message using our contact form.


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