Why In-home Training Is Best 

Super Sonic Dog Training is bringing professional in-home training to the entire Seattle area. Training your dog in the home is the most effective way to get to the root of their behavioral problems and create lasting change. Just like a person’s home environment and parents play a significant role in their upbringing, so too does a dog’s home environment and relationship with their owner shape their thinking and behavior.

Super Sonic Dog Training Seattle offers best dog training programs in the area.An issue like barking, jumping, aggression, or separation anxiety can’t just be singled out and addressed on its own. These unacceptable behaviors are symptoms of a greater problem that our in-home training is designed to eliminate. When we meet with you in your home we assess your dog through observing every factor that is a part of their life. We identify their triggers for bad behavior and determine what boundaries need to be established. Once we’ve got a good idea of your dog’s unique situation, we sit down with you and create a training plan that’s fitted to your needs.

Our in-home training creates the basic foundation that is needed between a dog and owner. It’s a relationship where everyone knows their place, and where your dog trusts and respects you enough to allow you to lead them through anything. Anxiety is the leading cause of behavioral issues in dogs. Once they are no longer anxious about not knowing boundaries and their proper role in your life, the behavioral issues they have are easy to fix.

We offer a rewards-based approach to training, designed to set your dog up for success by only rewarding good behavior and re-wiring your dog’s thinking to always seek rewards (which translates to: lots of good behavior!). Our training is also based on a commitment to achieving all of our training goals before the client-trainer relationship ends. We support you through in-home sessions and phone calls until the job is done—there isn’t a set number of lessons offered.

If you’re in the Seattle area and ready to start anew with your dog, allow us to show you why our in-home dog training method has seen decades of success and helped hundreds of dogs across the county. Give us a call today 800.649.7297 and we can talk to you more about how it all works. Email us with our contact form.