Why In-home Puppy Training? 

The best thing you can do for a puppy is to train them immediately. Upon adopting a puppy and bringing them into your home, they will need guidance on how to live this brand new life with their brand new family. Training teaches your puppy how to live happily with you and in your home!

Super Sonic Dog Training Seattle works with all breeds of dogs and puppies.

We work with all breeds!

When a puppy is old enough to leave its mother and be adopted/rescued, this is the perfect time to begin some basic puppy training. At Super Sonic Dog Training, our puppy training program is designed to set your puppy up for success and learn all the basics at the get-go! We offer in-home puppy training because this allows the puppy to learn all their home manners, while also giving the owner total control of the puppy’s environment. A puppy learning in their home has a better shot of success then at a group class in a pet store, where distractions are constantly present. Our trainer works toward some light distraction training in the puppy training program, but it is something to introduce later once the puppy can perform in a controlled environment. Rather than flooding the puppy with triggers or exciting distractions, we prepare them for those down the road, after we ensure success in the home and in more controlled situations.

Our puppy training will cover all your necessary puppy basics: learning potty training, preventing separation anxiety, teaching basic commands (Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, and Place), managing playful nipping, introducing proper greeting manners, scheduling appropriate routines, and desensitization/socialization. A group class is an option for our clients but to set the puppy up for success, we urge in-home training at the beginning, and then work more on the socialization and desensitization once the puppy is ready.

Without training and leadership from the owner, a puppy will not understand how to behave appropriately. Being a pack animal, a puppy needs direction, otherwise they will develop anxiety over the unknown, or take total control of the pack, including over you! Puppy training will set your dog up for good behavior, and a happy life as they mature into adults.

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