Aggressive Dog Training Seattle Style – Change Is Possible!

For Super Sonic Dog Training, a dog suffering with aggression problems is a rewarding dog to train. An aggressive dog can be frightening. Because of the fear involved in dealing with an aggressive dog, they are often not able to be loved and have as enriching of a life as a well-adjusted dog would. Through our rehabilitative training we’re able to turn an aggressive dog’s life around. It’s a joy to see them happy and anxiety free when the training takes hold.

Training Begins in the Home

Training begins in the home environment. This is where your dog spends most of their time, and this is the place where the foundation of our training is established. We’ll identify your dog’s triggers and problem areas and develop a training plan with you that is tailored to your specific situation. Once your dog has mastered acceptable behavior in the home, we’ll gradually move them into new settings to put their training to the test and identify what areas of training need further attention. The end result of our training with an aggressive dog is a dog that is well-suited to any situation, a dog that you can rely on for acceptable behavior without any aggressive outbursts.

Rewards-based Training and a Commitment to Accomplishing Goals

Our rewards-based training method rewards good behaviors and teaches your dog to make the right choices. We don’t set them up for failure! Your dog will learn that good behavior is rewarded and that unacceptable behavior will not get them what they want. No two dogs are the same, so a set number of lessons will not get the job done with every dog. We meet with you and support you until every goal we’ve set is accomplished, and we’re always there to help you along the way. This is the essence of our commitment-based training.

An Aggressive Dog Needs Your Help

An aggressive dog needs direction, structure, and a clear understanding of what is expected of it. We’re here to walk you through the whole process and toward a happy, carefree life with your dog. Rehabilitating a dog with aggression is rewarding for all involved. Let us help you bring your dog into a new way of living where they no longer miss out on things because of their aggressive behavior. Give us a call today at 206.451.5829 and our trained behavioral specialists will speak with you about how our training can benefit you and your dog. You can also send us a message using our contact form. Let’s get started!


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